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Impact Extruded Aluminum Bottles

Get the freshest packaging on the market with Ball's infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles. From personal care to household products, high definition designs and award-winning innovations mean your brand will always shine. Create the perfect bottle for your product and give your consumers the sustainability they demand.




Ball’s aluminum Infinity™ bottles, for household & personal care, are light, unbreakable, and have the added benefit of being infinitely recyclable.

Infinity™ bottles protect product from the light, ensure product preservation, will not rust in the shower, and can be refilled and reused.

The Mini

The Mini

Portable, unbreakable, and of course, infinitely recyclable – fill and re-fill The Mini up with liquids, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners for use at home or on-the-go.

It’s time to say hello to a bright, shiny, and sustainable future.

ball aluminum aerosol can with 50 percent reduction in carbon footprint


Consumers today are experiencing the environmental impact of their purchase decisions and demanding more than ever from household & personal care products. Learn more about what consumers are thinking in Ball's first primary consumer research report.

Can manufacturing equipment.

Special effects

Add a stylish and visually compelling pop to your aluminum packaging with any combination of our specialty inks, over varnishes and special effects. Ball’s printing processes deliver aerosol cans guaranteed to stand out.

Can manufacturing equipment.

Aerosol graphics center of excellence

Partner with Ball to get exclusive support from our regional Graphics Centers of Excellence, where our teams will help you create striking aluminum aerosol packaging. Experience person-to-person learning and hands-on assistance from ink vendors, which are available to our customers around the world. We provide full artwork separations and on-site computer-to-plate (CTP) plate-making. Test new shapes, shoulders, embossing, and ink and varnish trials with our offline printers and neckers. Whatever you need, Ball has you covered.