Two Ball Aluminum Cups held in a cheers motion

Colder. Stronger. Recyclable.

Enjoy the sleek and premium 100% recyclable metal cups. The Ball Aluminum Cup is a sustainable, disposable cup option that won’t go to waste. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable meaning it can be recycled over and over again without losing quality. Perfect for all your get-togethers, try the Ball Aluminum cup today.
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Choose sustainability that’s fun too.

Your choices add up, and the planet will thank you for choosing the Ball Cup. Aluminum is a great choice for the planet. Unlike plastic, aluminum can be recycled again and again without losing quality or value. Make the right choice for the planet.
One Ball Aluminum cup at a table with food

Sell Cups in your store.

Get in on the sustainability party. Grab shopper’s attention with eye-catching retail displays. We’ll help keep your shelves stocked – you’ll need it.
Three Ball Aluminum Cups held in a cheers motion

The future of refreshment is here.

Customers care about the planet and expect restaurants and sports venues to do their part. Show your commitment to sustainability, too. Order the Ball Aluminum Cup for your business or event.
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Cups began with cans

The evolution of the Ball Aluminum Cup started with our innovative cans.

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Committed to sustainability

By 2030, we’ll slash emissions, recycle 90 percent of the aluminum we use, and buy only sustainable materials.

Environmental goals
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