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Consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions across all consumer packaged goods categories is indisputable - household and personal care products are no exception. Ball’s job, as an aluminum packaging provider, is to partner with brands to provide innovative packaging solutions that enable consumers to feel confident in their responsible packaging choices - knowing that the decisions they make today will positively impact the future.

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The Aluminum Bottles Report synthesizes an online survey distributed to a balanced sample of 1666 consumers who have purchased a household or personal care product in the past 60 days. Conducted over six weeks and across six countries (US, Mexico, Brazil, UK, France, Germany).

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Consumers today are experiencing the environmental impact of their purchase decisions and demanding more than ever from household & personal care products. The packaging they seek is durable, unbreakable and premium but environmentally friendly and convenient. Due to safety concerns in the household, many are forced to compromise on sustainability for functionality - especially for use in the bathroom. 

The research exposes a gap between the packaging virtues, both functional and sustainable, they demand and what they think is available - a gap that we aim to fill.

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Sustainable Packaging

Consumers value sustainably sourced and manufactured products—so much so that this has led to 2.7 times faster growth for sustainable products versus traditional goods, despite price premiums over their conventional counterparts.1

To consumers, “environmentally friendly” means that the product is made in a sustainable way, does not harm the environment , and that the packaging is fully recyclable.  Across countries surveyed, these attributes are ‘extremely important’ for consumers considering and purchasing products for household and personal care - particularly those used in the bathroom. 

2021 Sustainable Market Share Index report, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, updated April 2022.

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Functional Benefits

When considering and purchasing packaging for household and personal care products, functionality is a determining factor. For consumers surveyed, functionality is about convenience and trust. This means, packaging that is easy to use and recycle and one that it is unbreakable, free of harmful ingredients, and maintains product freshness.

The research reveals that while consumers perceive glass and cardboard as environmentally friendly, they also recognized that neither glass nor cardboard are practical and safe for use in the bathroom.

“This primary research has provided tremendous value to our organization as we strive to develop a deeper understanding of the needs and concerns of our customers’ consumers; in order to be a stronger partner. We are very excited about the opportunity for Ball's Infinity™ bottles to be a winning packaging solution throughout the household."

- Jay Billings (President, Ball Aerosol & Bottle Packaging)

Market Insight

The time is now. Increasing consumer awareness about the environmental impact of packaging waste is driving global demand for better packaging solutions. It is our job to provide those - but with no trade offs. 

A recent study published by McKinsey states that approximately 75% of consumer goods corporations have made clear sustainable-packaging commitments, but fewer than 30% are well prepared to meet them.2 Research shows that these commitments focus on three areas of activity: emphasis on full recyclability and a significantly higher degree of recycled content, a reduction of total usage of plastics, and innovation and the promotion of change in the use of packaging.3 

2 McKinsey & Company. (2022, September 29). Sustainability in packaging: Five key levers for significant impact. McKinsey & Company.  

3  Berg, P., Feber, D., Granskog, A., Nordigården, D., & Ponkshe, S. (2020, January 30). The drive toward sustainability in packaging--beyond the quick wins. McKinsey & Company. 

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Market Opportunity


Together, we can empower consumers to feel confident in their responsible packaging choices - knowing that the decisions they make today will impact the future - and be the change we want to see. Ball’s aluminum Infinity™ bottles are designed with the end user and environment in mind. Made from recycled content, they are lightweight, easy to recycle, shatterproof, protect the product from light and allow for different closures that protect the integrity of the product while enabling ease of use.  Endless on-package printing capabilities provide a route to communicate clear transparent information that will enable consumers to feel confident in their purchase. 

We see this as an opportunity to partner with corporations and brands to support 2030 sustainability goals while fulfilling the packaging needs of consumers around the world. 

Convenient,  recyclable, unbreakable - Ball’s Infinity™ bottles can be the winning packaging solution for brands and consumers. 

To learn more and be part of the conversation, download the full report below. 


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