Major retailers are serving sustainability-minded customers with a revolution in recyclability. The first and only refill-and-recycle aluminum cup is here to drive category growth. The infinitely recyclable Ball Aluminum Cup® is perfect for consumers who demand better for their beverages… and the planet. Join the excitement.


Box of Aluminum Cups
Box of Aluminum Cups
Box of Aluminum Cups

Shine on shelf!

The new Ball Aluminum Cup® is available in a head-turning variety of premium, retail-ready, and 100 percent recyclable cartons. Our offerings include:

  • 12 count - 16oz. Cups
  • 24 count - 16oz. Cups
  • 10 count - 20oz. Cups
Floor Display of Aluminum Cups
Carton of packaged aluminum cups
Floor Display of Aluminum Cups
Retailer display of Aluminum Cups
Floor Display of Aluminum Cups
Retailer display of Aluminum Cups

Available Displays

Check out the multitude of displays & shippers available for any of our cartons!

Additional sizes and configurations are available.

Available at Local Retailers

Look out for new retail locations throughout 2023.

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Ball Aluminum Cup on Ice

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The Ball Aluminum cup keeps drinks cold, makes clean-up simple, and pays dividends for the environment. They’re affordable too.

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