Ball requires its suppliers to follow and adhere to the Global Supplier Code of Conduct.  Suppliers are on notice that Ball employees are required to follow Ball Corporation’s Business Ethics Code of Conduct. To ensure ethical and compliant interactions with suppliers, Ball employees must:

  • Disclose and avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Avoid disclosure of confidential information;
  • Treat suppliers in a fair and unbiased manner; and
  • Avoid accepting anything of personal or financial value from a supplier, even if it is of nominal value, if it would be perceived to be given with the intent of improperly influencing a business decision or otherwise not meet the requirements of the Business Ethics Code of Conduct

Any suspected misconduct by any Ball employee, supplier or business partner should be reported immediately so Ball may investigate and respond appropriately.  Please contact the Ball Law Department or Compliance Alliance via email at or toll-free number (1-800-270-2879) to report a potential violation or issue.  Although reports may be made anonymously, reporters are encouraged to provide contact information to assist in obtaining additional information, if needed.

Ball prohibits retaliation for reports made in good faith.