Invoice Management:

All new Ball Purchase Orders will be sent electronically using Coupa.  Suppliers are expected to send all related invoices to Ball Corporation through one of the methods below unless otherwise dictated by regulatory requirements.

Payment Information:

Invoices will be paid based on the due date calculated from date of receipt of an acceptable invoice and the payment terms you agreed to with Ball Corporation.

The Expected Invoice Payment Due Date is displayed on the invoice document.  Once an invoice has been approved and paid, the payment information can be found within the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) under the Invoice history. If e-mail notifications are enabled, you will receive an email notification from Coupa confirming the invoice for payment.

Payment Processing Schedule for North and Central America payments (Corporate and Beverage):

  • ACH – USD and CAD (Daily processing), MXN (Wednesday and Friday)
  • Checks – CAD (Every Monday), USD (Mondays and Thursdays), MXN (Every Thursday)
  • Wires – Beverage (Daily processing), Corp and Aerosol (Tuesdays)

Invoicing Methods:

  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP):  Create invoices directly from purchase orders on the CSP. This is the most comprehensive way to manage your interactions with your customers. This method is ideal for suppliers with low to medium volume purchase orders and invoices, or who want to view all transactions from their customers who use Coupa in one place.
  • Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN):  Flip your incoming PO's into invoices right from the PO email. This is the easiest way to submit electronic invoices through Coupa.
  • cXML:  Tighter integration with Coupa allows you to send cXML invoices directly to Coupa. This is suitable for suppliers with a high volume of purchase orders, or who automate their invoicing direct connection from their supplier system. Note suppliers will need the technical capability to support cXML invoices.

Contact our Supplier Enablement team if you have questions regarding your invoice delivery method.

Invoicing in the Coupa Supplier Portal:

Submit your invoice via Coupa using the "PO flip" functionality. There are two ways to flip a purchase order into an invoice.

  • Click the PO Number link to open the purchase order and click on the Create Invoice button. 
  • Click on the Create Invoice icon (gold coins) of the Purchase Order you want to invoice in the Purchase Orders table.

The amount of the invoice should match either the full value or part of the value of the purchase order. The invoice must also contain the same company details and references as on the purchase order.

Upon submission of an invoice, Coupa wll compare the purchase order, receipt, and invoice (3-way match). If the documents match, the invoice will ve approved and released for payment under the terms and conditions agreed in the purchase order. If any of the information on the invoice is inaccurate or missing, the invoice will not be approved automatically and will be routed to the Ball requester for review and action. 

If an invoice is received and does not comply with Ball's invoicing requirements, it will be disputed and returned back to the supplier for correction.

If you need to resolve a dispute on an invoice, correct an invoice, or cancel a duplicate invoice, you can issue a credit note in the CSP. Please note that when issuing a credit note, the quantity and amount must be negative.

For more information on invoicing through Coupa, visit:

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