Ball Aerospace and TENZING™ Form Strategic Alliance

September 19, 2000

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. and Tenzing Communications, Inc., a global communication provider offering connectivity solutions for the frequent business traveler, today announced Ball Aerospace will be a provider of airborne equipment for the introduction of high-speed e-mail and Internet services to passengers via the Inmarsat 64 kbps Global Area Network (GAN).

Tenzing will use Ball Aerospace's AIRLINK® HSD avionics to upgrade existing Satcom installations or to equip new aircraft to offer the Inmarsat 64 kbps services. The AIRLINK® HSD avionics are easily integrated with most existing Aero-H/H+ Satcom antennas, including the AIRLINK® High Gain Antenna System, an Aero-H Satcom product that Ball Aerospace has been delivering for more than 10 years. Initial AIRLINK® HSD installations could happen in early 2001.

Ball Aerospace also recently announced it will be the multimedia equipment supplier to AIRIA, a joint venture between the company formerly called Live Inflight Video Entertainment and Inmarsat Ventures Ltd., that will be the first to deliver live, global news and sports broadcasts to aircraft. With the addition of the Ball Aerospace AIRLINK® Multimedia Unit, the AIRLINK® HSD infrastructure will be able to receive AIRIA's live television services.

Additionally, the equipment from Ball Aerospace will be upgradeable to offer 432 kbps to the aircraft when the Inmarsat 4 satellites are launched in 2004, utilizing the antennas currently installed on approximately 1400 aircraft worldwide.

Walter Crawford, Managing Director, Global Communications and Video Solutions, says, "Ball Aerospace has watched the Tenzing service offering advance in capability and airline acceptance over the last several months and is pleased to be associated with their broadband services. Utilizing existing Inmarsat satellites and airborne antennas, we will be able to support Tenzing's worldwide airline and passenger data communications."

John Wade, EVP Strategic Alliances of Tenzing, says, "Ball Aerospace has been a leader in airborne satellite communications for nearly 15 years. Tenzing is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Ball Aerospace, pioneering the next generation in airborne Internet services."

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. provides imaging and communications products for commercial and government customers worldwide and is a subsidiary of Ball Corporation , a Fortune 500 company which had sales of $3.6 billion in 1999. The Global Communication and Video Solutions group applies Ball Aerospace's rich, 40-year heritage in advanced communication system and video product technology toward the development and marketing of a wide range of products for commercial and government markets. Products include satellite communication systems and airborne cameras.

Tenzing will provide airborne connectivity for the frequent business traveler through an onboard server. Services include in-flight email, global roaming capabilities, extensive Web content, a business-focused Web portal, targeted e-commerce services and content updates throughout the traveler's experience. Tenzing is dedicated to the ease of communication for frequent business travelers, allowing them to use their laptops and existing e-mail addresses for a continual connection to the outside world. The system will be compatible with PCs, Macs, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Tenzing has negotiated with several U.S. and international carriers regarding implementation, and is currently testing on Air Canada. Headquartered in Seattle, Tenzing Communications, Inc. is located in the Key Tower Building at 700 5th Avenue, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA 98104 and can be reached by phone at (206) 607-2700. More information is available at

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