Aluminum Cups in a recycling bin

Help us create circularity

Ball is committed to making sure what we make gets recycled – and used again, and again. We call this concept Real Circularity. The Aluminum Cup is just our latest example.

Crushed cans in a block shape

Aluminum is the lasting solution

When you recycle you help reduce the environmental impact of the next can or cup by as much as 80%.

Plastic cup trash in water

Plastic lasts too, unfortunately

U.S. consumers toss out about 20 billion plastic cups a year. 93% end up in landfills where they can remain for centuries.

Join our recycling revolution

That cup in your hand could be a brand-new product in just 60 days.

Ball Aluminum Cup on Ice

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Be a host doing the most

The Ball Aluminum cup keeps drinks cold, makes clean-up simple, and pays dividends for the environment. They’re affordable too.

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