Alumi-Tek® Bottles

Finally a bottle that doesn’t compromise.

What if you could get the portability, recyclability, and freshness of a can, but you didn’t have to give up the benefits of a bottle? Alumi-Tek® bottles from Ball don’t compromise either end of the packaging spectrum. It’s a 16 ounce high-quality, aluminum bottle with a wide-mouth and re-sealable lid, so your consumers can take a little sip, close the cap, and savor the benefits of aluminum cans for later. Alumi-Tek® bottles aren’t just a popular packaging with beer drinking sports fans. Today’s on-the-go consumers are grabbing Alumi-Tek® Bottles from the shelf that contain their favorite coffee brands, protein shakes, or even bottled water. So keep your brand in the hands of your modern consumer with Alumi-Tek® bottles from Ball.

Stand out on the shelf with Dynamark™ Printing.

Your package is your most important billboard, and thanks to Ball’s new breakthrough printing capabilities, you can create more exciting promotions than ever before. Dynamark™ Variable Printing Technology allows brands to add graphic variety to their cans without introducing the expensive and time-consuming, operational challenges of the past. Use it to launch social engagement campaigns, to print limited time promotions, increase brand loyalty and sales.

A better plan, a better can.

From the big picture to all the tiny moving parts, we treat every detail with the same level of importance. You have to when you manufacture over 50 billion recyclable cans a year. When you walk into one of our manufacturing facilities, you’ll see that every stage of the manufacturing process is done with careful precision and with world leading manufacturing technology. These streamlined techniques start at stage one with the coil cutter and continue all the way through to the can’s end.

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