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Introducing you to The Source

June 15, 2020

In 2020, Ball launched, The Source, its self-service portal for beverage customers, enabling an easier process for customers all around the world doing business with Ball.

With the platform’s “Build and Estimate / Build a Can” feature, customers can easily visualize their cans before the ordering process even begins. All customers, no matter where they are, will be able to explore our wide product portfolio. Customers can use this tool to select their can size, upload their own images, select custom ends and tabs and view a three-dimensional rendering of the can. Customers have options to request an estimate for approximate pricing by sending a message to a sales representative, or if they are in NCA, they will see the pricing alongside their rendering.

In addition to this feature, customers can also compare cans side by side to compare different specs and features by size.

“We are working to modernize our online experience to make it easier and more exciting for customers to do business with Ball,” says Melanie Virreira, Commercial Enablement Senior Director. “This can building experience is fun and it goes a long way towards helping customers picture their product in a Ball can!”

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