Ball Brazil digital packaging

Ball’s digital printing innovation puts the can at the center of a unique industry experience in Brazil

May 26, 2023

Last March, Ball’s unique printing technology was leveraged to support several activations for the 20th anniversary of Abralatas the Brazilian Association of Aluminum Can Manufacturers – in Brasília, Brazil. 

Ball’s industry-leading digital printing technology enabled record time delivery of highly customized can labels in various quantities to best position the can at the center of the whole experience of the event. 

Check out the main activations below to learn more about how the can was the star and get inspired by the infinite possibilities of digital printing: 

Before the event: 


The invitations for the event were sent on cans that were customized with the name of each guest, an innovation enabled by Ball’s digital printing, which allows several different labels to be printed in the same print run. 

During the event: 

At the opening ceremony, Ball presented a representative from the National Movement of Collectors of Recyclable Materials with a mural made of cans printed with digital printing forming a pixelated mosaic (‘pixelata’, meaning ‘can pixels’).   

Special kits with products of different beverage categories were offered, which included four cans with high resolution images of Brazil’s ecosystem. 

After the event: 

Customized cans with photos of the guests were taken during the event, and later sent to them as a post-event gifts. 

Ball’s digital printing technology creates endless possibilities for application in a myriad of uses and, in doing so, the can is now placed at the center of the consumer experience.