Aluminum aerosol bottle
Aluminum aerosol bottle
Aluminum aerosol bottle

Our Shaped Cans

Shaping adds ergonomic feel and unique shelf presence to catch the eye and please the hand. One touch is all it takes to build a longer-lasting connection with your consumer.

Pick a shape from our proven winners or work with us to create a custom design that bolsters your brand.


A photo of a Ball Embossed Aluminum aerosol can.


Engage your consumers with striking embossed elements that compliment your graphics. We can help reinforce your advantage with proprietary design services. 

Photo of a Ball Aluminum Aerosol 360 can.


Elevate your packaging with 360° contouring and instantly elevate your product into the premium category. Complement your can’s shape with artwork placed in the recessed areas that allow graphics and embossing to intersect. With Ball, the only limit is your imagination.