How will Coupa impact the way Ball works with suppliers?

Once Coupa is deployed at Ball Corporation, we will be requiring all of our suppliers to keep their company information up to date, to acknowledge and manage purchase orders, and to submit invoices electronically through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). Using the CSP is free and easy and will allow you to:

•    Manage your company information
•    View purchase orders
•    Create electronic invoices
•    Check status of invoices

When will Coupa launch at Ball?

The initial deployment of Coupa (for our Corporate operations) will take place in early 2022.  Subsequent deployments will take place in the second half of 2022 and into 2023.  

Who can I contact at Ball to discuss my Coupa enablement further?

Ball has a dedicated team to assist you with the transition as we realize this represents a change for you and our team is focused on making the transition as easy as possible. You can reach our Supplier Enablement Team at

Where can Suppliers go for training and support on Coupa?

Reference and support material will be available on our training resource library page and

Where can I find more information on the Coupa Supplier Portal?

Here are some useful links with information on the Coupa Supplier Portal:

If you need Coupa assistance or support, please reach out to

Can I continue to transact like I do today after the Coupa go live?

No.  You will not be able to transact as you do today after the Coupa Go-Live.

The Ball Corporation Coupa implementation will take place in waves over the next 2 years.

Once a wave is live on Coupa, new Purchase Orders and associated invoices will flow through Coupa.

There will be a sunset period to close out in-flight POs in the existing system(s).




Coupa Supplier Portal

Where do I sign in to the CSP?
I already have a Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) account. How do I add Ball?
To add Ball to your Coupa account, send a request to:
How can I update my information?

Once you are registered on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you can log into the CSP at any time to update your profile. To update your CSP public profile navigate to the Profiles tab -> Your Profile. To update your customer specific profile navigate to Profiles -> Information Requests.

Why didn't I receive the email invitation to join Coupa?

Check your spam/junk email folder.

Emails sometimes get flagged as spam or alternatively we may have outdated contact information. Please reach out to to confirm updated contact information.


PO Management

Can I check my list of purchase orders in Coupa?

When Ball Corporation issues a purchase order, you will receive a notification in the CSP and via e-mail (if enabled). You will be able to view the purchase order directly in the CSP under the "Orders" section. In the field "Select Customer" you will need to choose Ball Corporation.

How can I resolve an issue on a PO I received?

You can request changes to POs created in Coupa and submit them for approval to your customer.  You cannot request changes to closed or soft-closed POs.  Click on the Orders tab on the main menu, and on the appearing Purchase Orders page, click on the number of the PO that you want to modify.  At the bottom of the purchase order, click on the Request Change button.

I have not received a copy of my Purchase Order. What should I do?

"It is possible that we have an incorrect or different email address on record, where your Purchase Orders are sent when they are issued. You can check with your Ball Business Contact in the first instance to make sure that a Purchase Order has in fact been issued (it is possible it is still going through internal approval), secondly you can check with them which email address is on record to send your Purchase Orders to.

If this email address is incorrect or needs updating, you can request this is updated by submitting an update to your Ball Questionnaire in the CSP or by contacting our Supplier Enablement team at"

What is changing about PO submission requirements?

As part of Ball Corporation global initiative to standardize and optimize our systems and processes, we are reinforcing compliance with our PO requirements. Following our policies and processes will allow invoices to be routed efficiently through our systems, resulting in consistent, on-time payments. This means that unless an exemption applies, we will require a PO number on every invoice submitted.

What is the purpose of PO acknowledgement by the supplier?

Once a purchase order has been transmitted to you as the supplier, you should let Ball Corporation know that you've received the order and are able to deliver the goods/services as noted on the PO. Acknowledging the PO informs the requester that the order is in the process of being fulfilled.  You can configure the PO Delivery Method through the Coupa Supplier Portal as follows:

Why is this requirement being implemented?

The PO requirement aims to improve the efficiency of Ball’s Purchase-to-pay process and enable us to improve our ability to pay your invoices on time. It ensures that Ball pays only for goods and services that have been properly authorized and ordered.

Invoice Management

How do I create an invoice?

On the main menu, click on the Orders tab. If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer, select their name from the Select Customer dropdown menu. In the PO table that appears, choose the PO you want to invoice, and then click on the yellow coins to create an invoice. For more information, see Coupa Supplier Portal:

How can I avoid delayed payments?

Be sure to follow the invoice submission instructions within the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Where can I find payment information?

You can find the payment information within the CSP in the Invoice tab.

My invoice needs to include Tax/VAT - do I include this on the submission in Coupa? It has been indicated on the invoice I attached.

Yes, if you require any Tax/VAT paying, you must indicate this on your invoice submission in Coupa, failure to include this break down will result in the Tax/VAT not being paid to you.  You can enter applicable tax at the summary level within the "Totals & Taxes" section or at the line level by selecting "Line Level Taxation".  

Is it possible to change the quantity from a purchase order when creating an invoice?

Suppliers have an option to partially invoice against a particular purchase order, showing the exact quantity of delivered goods.

I have submitted my invoice in Coupa, when will I receive payment?

"Once approved, the invoice will be paid according to the payment terms you agreed to with Ball Corporation.  Ball Corporation can only process an invoice for payment once we have received it.  If you have questions regarding the status of receipt or invoice approval, please reach out to the Ball requester. 
The payment terms will take effect from the date that Ball has received an acceptable invoice, not the actual date of your invoice."

The Purchase Order I have received has multiple line items, when I create an invoice, it is invoicing against each line of the PO - how can I remove lines I do not wish to invoice against?

When creating the invoice in Coupa, you should be able to see an “x” in a red circle next to each line . Clicking on this will remove that line from your invoice template.

Where can I find payment information for an invoice?

"Payment information can be found within the CSP on the Invoices tab.  You can see the date the invoice will be paid by viewing the ""Invoice Payment Due Date"" on the invoice.  This is the date you will be paid, which is calculated by adding the payment terms on the PO to the receipt date of the acceptable invoice. 
Once the invoice has been paid, the payment details will be available within the Payment section of the invoice. 
Please refer to the job aid for further guidance."

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