Employees in Hawaii plant native vegetation together.
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Think Globally, Act Locally: Global Volunteer Month 2024

May 28, 2024

At Ball, we have a long-standing commitment to supporting the communities where we live and work, and we believe that doing so is an integral part of who we are. As a global team, we are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Our success is shaped by the communities that sustain us and the causes that matter most to us.

We believe that donating our time is one of the most valuable things we can do to support important organizations making positive change in our local communities. This year, Global Volunteer Month – which ran from March 18 through April 30 – brought Ball team members together from across the globe to make a collective impact.

We remain inspired by the unique impact our people are making in their communities around the world. With over 50 participating teams, here are a few of their inspiring stories from 2024 Global Volunteer Month.

Employees dig holes in gardens at a kindergarten in Denmark

Fredericia, Denmark
Ball colleagues in made a positive impact in their local community by educating students about STEM topics. In Fredericia, team members participated in a beach cleanup and project building outdoor “furniture” using upcycled materials. The “furniture” will be used as a social gathering space for those to enjoy during the summer months. They also restored an outdoor space and participated in gardening at a local kindergarten as well as organized outdoor spaces at a local nursing home.

“This is the second time I participated with my team, and more and more colleagues want to help make a difference and have a good time together at the same time. It's a win-win for everyone! We did a clean-up and prepared for spring in an outdoor area for children – ….in a short time did a quite big job that really means something to those who should benefit from it. In addition we get to donate to a local charity that will really benefit from it.”

Kasper Toft Jensen, Fredericia, Denmark
Belgrade, Serbia
Ball employees work together to plant trees in Serbia.

Team members supported recycling education at local schools and participated in a large project called “My Oak” with Animal Rescue Serbia. This project focused on reforestation in Eastern Europe, an area home to a diversity of plants and animals. The team planted hundreds of oak saplings, giving the forest and its native inhabitants the opportunity to continue their natural cycles. 

“I am very proud that I could present our company to the children and our commitment to recycling and environmental protection….I am pretty sure that with the right education of our youngest, we are on the right tracker in raising awareness about the importance of recycling and environmental protection.”

Milos Zaric, Belgrade, Serbia
Arvada, Colorado
Ball employees in Colorado clean up litter in Clear Creek River.

In partnership with Protect Our Rivers, an organization focused on river conservation, community members and Ball employees made a real difference in celebration of Earth Day. Together, participants were a part of the largest Protect Our Rivers cleanup ever held in Colorado. With over 4,000 pounds of litter removed from Clear Creek River, participants made a direct impact on a larger-scale. According to the EPA, litter from Clear Creek River reaches the Gulf of Mexico in just 3 weeks? By participating in a local cleanup event, volunteers helped create a healthier, cleaner environment, which spans beyond our local community.

Velim, Czech Republic

The Velim Ball team receives the silver "thank you" medal from the Czech Senate and Czech Red Cross.

Over the course of a weekend in April, our Aerosol facility in Velim participated in a training with the Czech Red Cross, to support refugee and emergency response. As a result of their support, the team received the silver ‘thank you’ medal from the Czech Senate and Czech Red Cross. Velim continues to display our values and culture of Ball and we are honored to celebrate their impact. 

Kapolei, Hawaii, USA

Ball team members in Hawaii remove invasive species and plant native vegetation together.

The Malama Learning Center, a long-time partner of the Ball Kapolei team, is dedicated to sustainable culture and living through education and practice. Our team members in Hawaii continue to support the Malama Learning Center year-over-year by removing invasive species, planting native vegetation, and teaching community members about sustainability. 

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

Brazilian Ball team members teach students about recycling.

All across Brazil, Ball team members participated in recycling education for vulnerable children at local schools. Beyond recycling education, these presentation-style events provided each classroom with a new activity to engage and learn with their peers and have a little fun together. Every year our Brazilian colleagues come together to make education fun – from building can towers to recycling baskets. The next generation of sustainability leaders is excited to learn about recycling!

Sri City, India

Ball employees in India clean up trash in the Andhra Pradesh Forest.

During some of the warmest months in India, team members continued to show dedication to their local community. In April, colleagues participated in a cleanup in the Andhra Pradesh Forest. During this event, the Department Lead Officer of the forest shared information on the benefits of keeping forests clean, how to preserve trees, and the importance of native plants to the ecosystem. 

“In addition to the practical benefits of organizing clean-up events, these occasions bring people together, promote social interaction and build a stronger sense of belonging.”

Meharbhanu Shaik, Sri City, India

Our global team’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond our office walls to ultimately address some of the most pressing needs in the communities where we operate. From keeping our communities clean, to planting trees, educating the next generation, and supporting vulnerable population, our team members demonstrate our values in many meaningful ways.