Smart Can Crushers Making Recycling Easy and Rewarding in Serbia

Smart Can Crushers Making Recycling Easy and Rewarding in Serbia

February 01, 2021

Would you recycle cans to get a discount on your groceries? Residents in Belgrade, Serbia can take advantage of grocery discounts and other incentives by using the new smart can crusher – an innovative machine that makes recycling aluminum beverage cans easier and rewarding.

Ball, in partnership with local retailer Mercator-S, development agency GIZ, and non-profit Solagro, developed the can crusher machine and app in an effort to make recycling more accessible and to raise environmental awareness in Serbia. In a survey conducted by Every Can Counts, 93 percent of Europeans indicated they would like to see more recycling bins in public spaces.

“We’re supporting innovative ideas in recycling and making it more accessible,” said Jelena Kis, Ball sustainability and regulatory affairs manager. “We believe that this kind of project is the future of recycling and may engage younger generations that want to know how they are contributing to environmental protection.”

The first smart can crusher sits in front of the doors of a local grocery store, ready to accept recyclable aluminum cans. It’s easy and quick to use. Users download the app, insert the cans in the smart crusher, scan the unique QR code, and automatically collect points for discounts at stores.

Each recycled can gives 10 points, and depending on the number of collected points, the following discounts can be allotted. 50 points offer a 10% discount voucher for an item of choice. 100 points generate a voucher for a 20% discount and 200 points for a 25% discount.

The smart can crushers are expected to be installed at nine more locations across Belgrade in the coming months.