January 12, 2021

Beverage Packaging South America launches Quierolata, a movement educating consumers and customers the benefits of choosing cans

Three years ago, Beverage Packaging South America (BPSA) launched, Vadelata, an external movement for Portuguese speakers in South America, encouraging consumers and customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle by choosing cans.

Recently, BPSA launched Quierolata, Vadelata’s Spanish-speaking campaign! 

VADELATA, launched three years ago, has tens of thousands of followers, and was first launched to promote the benefits of aluminum cans in South America, and to help create a society that is more conscious about every-day consumption choices.

QUIEROLATA was born to further promote the attributes of our aluminum cans among South American consumers, reaching consumers and customers whose native language is Latin American Spanish. On QUIEROLATA’s Instagram and Facebook, followers will be able to access exclusive content about sustainability, recycling and the main advantages of choosing aluminum cans.

The movement will also be supported by digital influencers linked to the worlds of sustainability, flavor – and fun! – who will share the key benefits of choosing cans: the package that best preserves the properties of beverages, is lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go, keeps the beverage cool and is 100% infinitely recyclable.

“We started this movement in Brazil, and thanks to the success we have had, it has now become even stronger and is available across South America,” said Thais Moraes, BPSA Communications Director. “By using a fun tone of voice and easy-to-understand language, we want to encourage consumers to make increasingly more conscious decisions when choosing their drink.”

Join the @QUIEROLATA movement on Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

Ball team members in Argentina learning about Quierolata.