Ball's Fairfield, CA solar energy farm

Ball’s Fairfield, CA solar energy farm sets an example in sustainable engineering

June 21, 2024

Thanks to its onsite solar energy farm, the largest in the state sitting on 42,577 square feet - Ball Corporation’s Fairfield, CA plant has been recognized as a leader in sustainable engineering!

Acknowledged by Optony, an organization selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as the Technical Assistant Partnership arm for the Western Region of the U.S., Ball is now considered a successful case study by the program that focuses on evaluating and implementing clean on-site energy for industrial, manufacturing, and large energy users. 

Additionally, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has shortlisted the solar energy farm as one of the top five solar heating installations of 2023 as part of the solar heating and cooling program.

How does it work?

Due to a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) making the on-site solar farm possible, the 250 solar thermal collectors are specifically designed to collect energy from the sun to directly heated water is used to transfer energy throughout the plant on a “BTU Highway” which provides heating to various processes in the plant washer stages, soluble oil supply tanks, and oil break tanks. This supply of carbon free energy to the plant directly replaces energy that was previously generated by the burning of natural gas.

What does it mean?

This project at Fairfield reduces Ball’s carbon footprint and helps in achieving the company’s specific goals of reducing absolute Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 55% and improving energy efficiency 30% by 2030, as mapped out in Ball’s 2030 Sustainability Goals.

The recognition by Optony, the DOE and the IEA is a strong signal for Ball’s commitment to these goals and finding new and creative ways to optimize its resource efficiency.