Battery Electric Freight Truck
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Ball and Partners Introduce the First Commercial Class 8 Battery-Electric Freight Trucks in Texas

May 31, 2022

We officially launched the first commercial class 8 Battery electric trucks in Texas which will replace two diesel trucks and be used to haul empty aluminum cans on approximately 8-mile runs around Fort Worth from our distribution center, averaging 10 to 15 trips per day.
Through this project, Ball will help freight sustainability by supporting technology that reduces the environmental impact of freight and transportation in business and are proud to be a small part of the modernization of our nation’s heavy-duty fleet to deliver clean energy.  
“How we source our material, produce and, in this case, transport our aluminum beverage packaging matters. At Ball, around 80% of the GHG emissions associated with our products come from within our value chain. Ball’s use of electric trucks on its Fort Worth freight lines will support the company’s progress toward its 2030 sustainability goals and commitment to achieving a circular economy for aluminum beverage packaging.” -Ball Fort Worth Plant Manager Joe Bodisch

“This is a game changer in the transportation industry. This is the type of stuff that will save money and help protect the environment.” -Arlington Mayor Jim Ross

Specifically, this project will drive progress on Ball’s commitment to reducing its absolute value chain emissions 16% by 2030 and Ball’s ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions prior to 2050. Unlike diesel trucks, electric trucks have the opportunity to emit zero greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to improved air quality for the community, if the supporting energy system is renewable. The emissions from the EV trucks are estimated to be 44% less than the diesel trucks.We estimate they will avoid more than 9,000 gallons of diesel fuel in one year, or the carbon dioxide emissions equal to the electricity use of 16 homes in a year.

This project brings Ball one step closer to further enhancing the environmental performance of its products in service of helping its customers reach their own sustainability goals with low-carbon and truly circular packaging options. As the project continues, Ball will look to expand the use of electric trucks throughout its Beverage Packaging North America network.