Ball Packaging Europe's New Dynamark® Effect Series Takes Product Personalization to the Next Level

June 17, 2015

--Customized print technology: Game changing solution allows for an array of dynamic designs based on a brand's promotional objectives--

ZURICH, June 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The latest advancement in can design is now synonymous with Ball's recently unveiled, state-of-the-art printing technology - the aptly named Dynamark® Effect. Addressing the megatrend of product individualization, this groundbreaking 'metal science,' now turns mass produced beverage cans into customized creations. Capable of producing up to 24 different designs in a single production run, Dynamark® Effect debuts in three variable forms. The original in the series, Dynamark® Effect 1.0, was launched by Ball in 2013 and showcased the ease with which production personalization could be realized en masse. Now in 2015 and just in time for summer, Ball introduces the latest installments in the series – 2.0 and 3.0 – each designed to add even further value to the promotional objectives of brands across the beverage spectrum.

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Special promotions, fast and easy
"By developing Dynamark® Effect, we seized two significant opportunities in the marketplace - the trend toward mass product customization and the need for design adaptations to time-sensitive events like music festivals and sports competitions," says Antti Laakkonen, business manager (product) at Ball Packaging Europe. "With Dynamark® Effect, we help customers to increase the on-shelf appeal of their product and to drive consumer loyalty through a customizable, cost-efficient process designed for all sizes of steel and aluminum cans."

These types of special edition cans are relatively new to the beverage market. In 2013, the launch of Dynamark® Effect 1.0 set a new benchmark in customized printing – debuting as part of the internationally acclaimed "Share a Coke" promotion. Instead of the iconic Coca-Cola logo, these cans featured simple, single-color messages on the metallic color/white base coat of the can. In replacing the logo, Dynamark® Effect 1.0 allowed Coca-Cola to "unbrand" itself and allow consumers to truly own the can and their overall drink experience. This action turned Coca-Cola into a marketing hero and the cans into highly coveted collectors' items.

A solution for fine details
Far from resting on its laurels, Ball immediately set to work to further develop this flagship technology. Coca-Cola (Light) and Munich-based Paulaner brewery have used the next generation - Dynamark® Effect 2.0 - to great effect. The first production run of a series of limited edition 50-centiliter beer cans honored the celebrated Bayern Munich football club. The cans, in the club's signature red and blue team colors, feature the portraits of 12 players on 12 different and extremely vibrant cans. With Dynamark® Effect 2.0, Ball can reproduce large-format lettering, simple images and signatures, either in the same or a different color than the background of the can. By enabling the printing of finer detail, 2.0 gives customers greater design flexibility. "This means fine lines, such as a shadow or hair, can be included in the designs for an utterly realistic look and feel," Antti Laakkonen adds. The enticing containers, available since mid-March in participating food stores and beverage shops, have been a big hit with football fans.

A tribute to rock & roll
Karlsberg brewery also saw the value proposition of this technology and in April launched a special edition can celebrating the rock band AC/DC using Dynamark® Effect 2.0. To pay tribute to the living rock legends and their fans, the German brewery issued a series of eight 568-milliliter beer cans for the band's "Rock or Bust" world tour. Each container comes in a compelling black background color, and features the date and one of the eight German venues the Australian combo is set to rock between May and July 2015. The band's logo is featured in compelling colors, highlighting the energy AC/DC will release onstage and putting fans in the mood for a spectacular musical experience.

An entirely new design option from Ball, 3.0, is also available within the Dynamark® Effect family. While 2.0 already allows for a great deal of realism, 3.0 takes it to the next level with the variable printing of two-color, high-resolution images of near photographic quality. "The technology, which is ready for market this summer, will take customized printing beyond previous expectations. It effortlessly meets the growing demand for can designs beyond simple text and images," Antti Laakkonen sums up. "With 3.0 also now available, we are excited to provide our customers the full scope of promotional opportunities this latest installment is capable of unleashing."

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