Our tactile finish gives a fourth dimension to a design

Why use this effect?

  • Creates a wet look to highlight ‘fresh and cold’ appeal
  • Great for offering consumers a differentiated sensory experience with spot application, creating combinations of smooth and tactile on the can surface
  • Perfect way to highlight certain parts of the can

Things to know

  • The tactile effect is achieved through a combination of ink and varnish adding texture to a design
  • The effect can create the look of little droplets and the feel of fruit skin, emphasizing the freshness of a brand and the ingredients used
  • It is possible to match special colors to a target*
  • Tactile elements should be placed in the main body of the can
  • We recommend design ideas are submitted to ensure the final artwork is feasible*
  • Compatible with cold-fill, but not for pasteurization processes or retort

*) For all our design guidelines for this special finish and available colors visit the Ball print guidelines portal

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

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What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

Our special effects inks and finishes can drive demand and ROI – the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, regardless of customization, the aluminium remains recyclable.

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