A low sheen effect

Creating a striking on-shelf alternative to conventional gloss finish

Why use this effect?

  • Creates a natural or frosted ‘just out of the fridge’ look
  • Ideal for impact at point-of-purchase
  • Great for premium and modern appeal
  • Brands make a sophisticated appearance on shelf
  • More interaction with the packaging as the consumer feels the velvet-like surface

Things to know

  • The matte effect is an overall effect meaning that all the colours on your design appear matte with the same velvety softness
  • With reduced reflective priorities, Matte OV is recommended for use with QR/AR applications
  • The matte effect is available on all can sizes

*For all our design guidelines for this special finish and available colors visit the Ball print guidelines portal

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

We explore sustainability messaging within beverage packaging. Maximize your commercial opportunity, drive brand advocacy while increasing recycling awareness and more. Download our Sustainability Messaging Report here.

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

Our special effects inks and finishes can drive demand and ROI – the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, regardless of customization, the aluminium remains recyclable.

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