Digital technologies offer an exciting way to interact with consumers

Quick Response (QR), Digimarc, Barcode, Snapchat and Shazam code

Why use this effect?

  • Connect your can to virtual and augmented reality, websites or other media content such as product information, special offers, videos and more
  • Brands can capitalize on interactive engagement with consumers to support marketing opportunities
  • Allows for traceability and works to combat counterfeiting
  • Digimarc: The imperceptable code offers minimal interference with branding.The code is integrated within your design

Things to know

  • For use with enabled mobile devices. Consumers can download a free QR code reader or most other apps (e.g. Snapchat, Digimarc) to their smart phone from any app store
  • Interactive Cans serve as either a trigger or pointer to your developed content
  • Codes work best with darker, solid colors. High contrast is recommended
  • Codes should be placed in the main body of the can
  • We recommend design ideas are submitted to ensure the final artwork is feasible*
  • Compatible with all filling processes including retort
  • Digimarc: You can select the areas of the can you want to enhance, though we recommend areas customers would naturally scan

*For all our design guidelines for this special finish and available colors visit the Ball print guidelines portal

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

We explore sustainability messaging within beverage packaging. Maximize your commercial opportunity, drive brand advocacy while increasing recycling awareness and more. Download our Sustainability Messaging Report here.

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

Our special effects inks and finishes can drive demand and ROI – the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, regardless of customization, the aluminium remains recyclable.

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