Dynamark™ Variable Print Technology

Allows the mixing of multiple graphics onto a single pallet. Say more in one package with 8* different images or messages enabling promotional activity, limited editions and social engaging campaigns

A printing technology that affords individualisation. Easily integrates up to 24 different designs into existing print processes for all sizes aluminium cans and bottles.


Why use this effect?

  • Variety in packaging has numerous consumer engagement applications that can drive initial and repeat purchase
  • Offer a limited edition pack to draw attention to cans on the shelf or in the cooler
  • Create a collectable opportunity enhancing brand loyalty
  • Say more in one package with variable images or messages
  • Help drive social engagement campaigns with variable messages or hashtags
  • Add new ways for you to catch the customer’s eye over and over again with a single customer purchase

Dynamark HD


Things to Know

  • Variable Dynamark Graphic window is integrated into the base artwork
  • One Dynamark element can consist of a maximum of two colors, one being the aluminum substrate, the other a selected ink which is part of your design already*
  • Dynamark Graphics can only be placed in the main body of the can*
  • Dynamark Graphics are available both in line drawings and HD images*
  • A design idea should be submitted at an early creative stage to ensure the idea is feasible on cans*
  • Compatible with all filling processes including retort
  • Available on all can sizes

*(*8-24 images depending on plant) For all our design guidelines for this special finish and available colors visit the Ball print guidelines portal

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

Boost the power of your sustainability messaging

We explore sustainability messaging within beverage packaging. Maximize your commercial opportunity, drive brand advocacy while increasing recycling awareness and more. Download our Sustainability Messaging Report here.

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

What if you could see more of our special effect inks in action?

Our special effects inks and finishes can drive demand and ROI – the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, regardless of customization, the aluminium remains recyclable.

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