59mm x 148mm - 8oz
59mm x 190mm - 12oz
59mm x 237mm - 16oz

A Modern twist on an old classic.

Crafted for those who care. Choose BEBO3 and your consumers will notice. Your consumers will appreciate your choice of infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging that keeps drinks consistently cool and delicious. They’ll appreciate the twist-off top sealed with a roll-on pilfer-proof closure that confirms freshness, the way your drink tastes perfect every time, and how your brand is building a better planet for everyone. Guaranteed.

The Wow Factor

The Wow Factor

Stand out on the shelf.

Add a stylish and visually compelling pop to your aluminum packaging with our specialty inks, overvarnishes, special effects and custom shaping. Make your statement with temperature-sensitive color-changing text and Day-Glo graphics, crystal-clear photographic renderings, or artwork you can touch. The end result? Memorable bottles that stand out on the shelf, in the cooler, or in a crowd -- every time.