The New Ball Aluminum Cup

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The Infinitely Recyclable Ball Aluminum Cup

At Ball, we’re constantly innovating to bring cutting-edge, sustainable beverage packaging to our customers and the people they serve. The infinitely recyclable, lightweight yet sturdy Ball Aluminum Cup for cold beverages is the latest innovation we’re bringing to market.

In late 2019, we kicked off a successful U.S. pilot, distributing millions of cups to select indoor and outdoor venues across the country. To answer growing demand, we’re building our first dedicated aluminum cups manufacturing facility and expect to ramp up production in the fourth quarter of 2020.

We’re also planning to introduce additional sizes to round out the cups portfolio and intend to expand cups adoption to drinking establishments, parks and recreational facilities, colleges, restaurants, the hospitality industry and more.

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Now Appearing at Select Venues

See how the Ball Aluminum Cup is delighting fans with its elevated drinking experience and powerful recycling message — all while reflecting a venue’s commitment to sustainability. We’ve proudly partnered with these premier venues to distribute millions of cups thus far: University of Colorado Boulder, Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the Pepsi Center in Denver and others.

A Game-Changing Innovation
The new Ball Aluminum Cup — a sustainability game-changer that offers a better cold-beverage experience
  • Cool to the touch, lightweight yet sturdy, the Ball Aluminum Cup offers an elevated cold-drink experience
  • In testing, people rate the Ball Aluminum Cup significantly higher than traditional cups for overall experience
  • It’s infinitely recyclable because aluminum recycles over and over without losing quality
  • In fact, 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today
Ball Aluminum cup with ice


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