A better bottle for the next generation

A better bottle for the next generation

Safe, shock-resistant, and stylish.

Step aside, plastic and glass. Ball aluminum bottles are a game-changer for sporting events, beach parties, and the always active beverage consumer. From water to beer, kombucha to hard seltzer, you customers can feel good about purchasing sustainable packaging. And all that comes with no compromise on flavor. 

Our artful and innovative aluminum printing technologies give you a bold brand identity that won’t disintegrate or peel away like paper.


Why aluminum is the sustainable choice
Circularity, beyond the recycling bin
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Circularity, beyond the recycling bin
Circularity, beyond the recycling bin
What can you accomplish?
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What can you accomplish?
What can you accomplish?
Why aluminum is the sustainable choice
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Why aluminum is the sustainable choice

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473ml Alumi-Tek Bottle


The best in bottle technology.

Alumi-Tek® is the signature aluminum bottle for the times, crafted for the eco-conscious consumer who appreciates the circularity of aluminum as well as the portability and convenience of a 12-oz. or 16-oz. bottle. Today’s on-the-go consumers prefer the rich designs supported by Alumi-Tek® bottles for their favorite coffee brands, protein shakes or bottled water. 

Align your brand with convenience and recyclability, the most important factors for today’s consumer, with Alumi-Tek® bottles – only from Ball.


Bottles that make an impact on consumers. Not the Earth.

Bottles that make an impact on consumers. Not the Earth.

On the shelf or in the hand, our aluminum bottles are sure to make an impact. Choose from our wide selection of shapes and sizes that make the switch to infinitely recyclable aluminum easier than ever. Designed at the intersection of sustainability and style, you’ll delight and empower your consumers to do right by the planet.

Aluminum cans featuring specialty inks

The “wow” factor

Stand out on the shelf.

Add a stylish and visually compelling pop to your aluminum packaging with any combination of our specialty inks, overvarnishes for a uniquely tactile finish, and special effects. Make your statement with temperature-sensitive color-changing text and Day-Glo graphics, crystal-clear photographic renderings, or artwork you can touch. Ball’s printing processes deliver memorable cans and bottles that are sure to stand out on the shelf, in the cooler, or in a crowd. 

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Ball started with a family and grew into a global community. Meet the Ball brothers and discover how their dream reshaped the world.

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Committed to sustainability

By 2030, we’ll slash emissions, recycle 90 percent of the aluminum we use, and buy only sustainable materials.

Environmental goals
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Finishing flourish

Catch the customer’s eye with unique ends and tabs.

The details define your brand. Ball has expanded the creative palette so you can engage your customer as they browse the shelf. Colored tabs and can ends carry your brand colors across the entire can in a bold visual statement. Our punched and lasered tabs make your message pop, while laser-etched codes can connect to interactive experience that entice beverage drinkers to return to your product over and over.

Arrangement of black can tops

Exclamation point

Artful interactivity connects you to customers.

What better way to put a striking finishing touch on your can design than with attractive and innovative can tabs? Available in a variety of colors, our specialty services punched and laser-etched logos bring your brand message to life with every touch of the can, every sip at your beverage. We also offer etched codes underneath the tab to engage customers with contests, giveaways, and promotions that build loyalty and extend your relationship for many years

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Punched Tabs Punched Tabs
Lasered Tabs Lasered Tabs
Coded Tabs Coded Tabs