Widget Beers Taste Like the Tap Inside the Can

Widget Heads are Bigger.


Don't be fooled by nitro imposters.  Widgets are the best way to dose beer.

Widgets work better:
  • Widgets rest at the bottom of the can and spread nitrogen evenly
  • Widgets make bigger heads and longer lasting cascades
  • Smaller bubbles create a creamier mouth feel
  • Beer tastes like it’s from the tap inside the can. No hard pour required.

I'd like to learn more about widget technology

Widget Can

What's a widget?

The widget is a plastic insert placed at the bottom of the can that is charged with nitrogen before filling. When the can is opened, the pressure drop discharges nitrogen to give the beer a distinctive head found only from nitro taps. Our widget can is a perfect way for a craft brewer looking to package an authentic, malt forward beer like a stout or porter.