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The can: a new revolution for craft breweries.

Crafting beer is an art form. Just like with any masterpiece, it takes hours of tinkering to land on that perfect batch. Once your labor of love reciprocates with a refreshing finish, you’re going to need the right package to complement the beer. Today, craft breweries are choosing cans. And what’s not to love about them? They block the light, they’re airtight, they’re infinitely recyclable, and nobody knows cans better than Ball. We apply the same analytical precision used on our space vehicles to bring you a portfolio of aluminum and steel metal packaging products that continue to propel the craft beer can revolution.

A Toast to The Burning Can Festival.

Over a decade ago, Ball partnered with Oskar Blues to pioneer the craft beer can revolution. Today, it's celebrated by craft brewers and drinkers across the country. Watch the festival recap here.

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    Burning Can Festival
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    Cans Are Cool

Not just a can, a canvas.

You can’t have a craft brewery without a brand to support it. One of the many benefits of the can is that it provides marketers with a little extra real estate, making the branding opportunities endless. Ball is the leader in graphics innovation to help you stand out among the rest of the shelf, and we offer a handful of techniques to bring it all to life from photo-real imagery to Thermochromic and Tactile ink.

What are craft brewers saying about cans?

"Craft beer in a can is the next step in the evolution of beer."
 - Chad Melis, Marketing Director, Oskar Blues Brewery

"Cans rule. They’re better for our customers, better for our beer and better for our planet."
 - Dave Thibodeau, President/Co-founder, Ska Brewing

"Our customers are looking for craft beer in a container that is environmentally friendly, beer-friendly and can go where they go – that’s the aluminum can."
 - Luke Livingston, Founder/President, Baxter Brewing Company

"Cans of beer travel lighter, chill faster and recycle more efficiently than glass. Cans are the perfect packaging for craft beers."
 - Peter Love, CEO, Cask Brewing Company

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