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Not all aerosol cans are created equal

To outshine the competition, you must differentiate your product. To help you get it right, Ball offers innovative graphic solutions that make products stand out in today’s competitive retail market. Our stock finishes include Matte, Gloss, Semi-Matte, Pearlescent, and more. We also have cutting edge lithography options such as Matte & Gloss, Hot Stamping, Eyeris®, and Tactile, that maximize Ball's reprographic capabilities to differentiate your product from the competition.

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Matte & Gloss

  • The gloss ink reflects light, while the matte ink absorbs it, creating a contrasting effect.
  • For more information download our product sheet.

Tactile Ink

  • Tactile, or raised ink, offers textured grip for unique consumer interaction with the package.  
  • The tactile pattern can be applied on 360 degrees of the can, and can be designed and applied in a particular pattern, resembling snakeskin, honeycomb, or the skin of an orange.
  • For more information download our product sheet.


  • Ball’s proprietary Eyeris® technique allows for photo-realistic printing, perfect for designs with detailed textures like hair, fur, patterned fabric and skin. 
  • Eyeris® provides unparalleled precision that provides a 360-degree billboard for graphics that do not shy away from lifelike detail. 
  • For more information, download our product sheet.

Hot Stamping

  • By applying a metallic foil to the can, hot stamping offers an eye catching element of luxury to a can.
  • For more information download our product sheet.


  • Pearlescent offers a “mother of pearl” effect created with a varnish over the graphics.


  • The metallic technique uses state of the art pigments and Ball’s unique ink application technology to create a true metallic, premium experience.
  • Ball’s metallic range creates a glossy, reflective sheen that draws attention to the shelf.
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