In times of uncertainty, food and cleaning supplies in a family’s home means they have one less thing toworry about. Ball’s Monterrey, Mexico, team have helped ensure families in their community have whatthey need to care for themselves.

“When COVID-19first began to spread in Mexico, it quickly became apparent that some localcommunities would face greater levels of complication from the virus given their limited access tonecessities like nutritious foodand cleaning supplies,”saidMonterrey Plant ManagerJoe Gaysinsky.“We wanted to make a direct impact with people who clearly neededhelp.”

Through our COVID-19 Relief fund, theteampartnered with asupplier to createpackagesof food andcleaning suppliesfor people who need it.Local trucks and taxis volunteered to help transport thepackages to neighborhoods in Guadalupe, near our Monterrey plant. Delivering the packages to families’homes helped ensure they don’t have to grocery shop and risk exposing others in the community to thevirus. These coordinated deliveriesoccurred overthe course of 3 days with a total of2,673 bags ofessential itemsdistributed.

“The experience was amazing andheartbreaking at the same time,”said Uriel Sifuentes, Monterrey’s HRmanager.“It made us feel goodbecauseweknew we had made a difference butthere wasalsoa senseof sadness, becausewe knewmany more peoplestill neededhelp.”

We established the Ball COVID-19 Relief fund in 2020, pledging $5 million to help support ourcommunities affected by the pandemic. The global fund has empowered employees to play animportant role in helping their communities address needs.