Ball Aluminum Cup in Stratosphere

Ball Aerospace Interns send Ball Aluminum Cup into Stratosphere

August 01, 2021

During the Ball Intern Remote Sensing Team (BIRST) payload project, aerospace interns had the opportunity to design, build, test and launch payloads of their own creation on a high-altitude balloon or sport rocket. This particular photo was from the Balloon launch from Team GORDON’s payload on Sunday, August 1.

Team GORDON’s objective was to develop RAMSaY (Roundtrip Assembled Milkshake to the Stratosphere And Yonder), a BalloonSat payload to shake, freeze and insulate a pre-assembled ice-cream mixture for consumption upon its return to the Earth. The milkshake was contained within a Ball Aluminum Cup and took advantage of the stratosphere’s extremely low temperatures.

We're so proud to have such talented young professionals on our team - cheers from 100K feet up!

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