South America

Ball is the largest manufacture of aluminum beverage cans in Brazil. According to ABAL, the Brazilian Aluminum Association, and ABRALATAS, the Brazilian Association of Can Manufacturers, the 2015 Brazilian beverage can recycling rate was 97.9 percent. That means Brazil recycled around 292,500 metric tons of aluminum beverage cans. And it is estimated that approximately 250,000 people in Brazil are directly involved with aluminum beverage can recycling.


While it is almost impossible to increase Brazil’s can recycling rate further, Ball is committed to support programs that will contribute to maintaining high recycling rates and position the beverage can as the most economically, environmentally and socially sustainable package in the beverage supply chain. Examples include:
  • Educating consumers, especially children and youth, about the environmental advantages of beverage can recycling through various programs such as “It’s Time to Recycle”. In partnership with Brazilian nongovernmental organization ONG Evoluir, Ball developed and launched an environmental education campaign called “It’s Time to Recycle”, with the goal to engage teachers and educate children about the importance of recycling. During the first year of the program, 84 teachers brought the program’s content to their schools. In 2017, Ball will be holding three classes and we expect to educate and support more than 180 teachers and impact 1,500 children.
  • The Mundaréu festival gathers varied playful and educational activities with the aim to raise and demonstrate how people can better connect with themselves, others and the environment. In 2017, Ball is conducting four events from the North to the South of Brazil, expecting to reach more than 8,000 students from 80 different schools.
  • Ball also sponsors the “Sustainable Turn Around” movement that gathers companies, nongovernmental organizations, public institutions, universities and other stakeholders to create positive initiatives that promote sustainability and its diverse facets. It was created in the São Paulo state and has gained editions throughout the years in many other cities in Brazil.

One particular focus area for Ball is promoting the importance of waste pickers (catadores) as environmental agents in Brazil. That is why we support their development through various initiatives. For example, the Re-Circus program focuses on promoting environmental awareness and sustainability through socio-cultural activities. In addition to attractions including theatre performances, clowns and jugglers, lectures, storytelling and various workshops, the event also includes collection points for recyclables that focus on leveraging waste sorting awareness.

In 2017, Ball organized two Re-Circus events, one in Recife and one in Salvador, reaching 7,200 people. During the event, Ball also supported the “Pimp my Cart”-initiative, refurbishing 85 waste pickers’ carts and providing them with personal protective equipment kits to improve health and safety conditions.