Sustainability Governance

Accountability for our sustainability performance is monitored at various levels of the organization. It is overseen by the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee, a committee of Ball Corporation’s board of directors chaired by a non-executive board director of Ball.

Since 2009, Ball’s Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) ensures that sustainability is fully aligned with and integrated into our strategies, as well as balanced with stakeholder expectations. The SSC, composed of corporate and operations senior executives responsible for implementing our sustainability strategy, meets at least twice a year.

Our regional businesses utilize our global data monitoring system to assess their monthly sustainability performance against their own goals at business and plant level. This transparency informs decision-making, helps prioritize projects and makes it relevant for employees at all levels of the organization.

For each corporate and operational sustainability priority, we have named a global champion. The champions coordinate global information exchange between divisions and functions, foster dialog between divisions and functions, drive progress, develop game plans, share best practices and align efforts where reasonable.


We systematically identify and assess risks in all of our businesses so we can develop management plans that encompass major risks, including supply chain, commodity and currency volatility, human capital, financial risk and legislative action. Sustainability issues addressed within this framework include risks related to natural resources, climate change, human rights and regulations related to packaging and packaging waste.


Our company culture has always been based on the highest level of integrity and ethical conduct. Integrity is one of Ball’s core values and most important cultural assets. We will not compromise our integrity or risk damage to our reputation for financial gain or for any other reason.

To ensure we act with integrity at all times, all Ball employees are required to understand and follow Ball’s corporate compliance policies and the Business Ethics Code of Conduct. Our extensive framework of policies and management systems is well established and continues to evolve as we face new challenges. For example, we established a new company-wide human rights policy in 2013 to ensure that we foster and maintain a responsible and safe work environment for our employees and in our supply chain.

Each year, all managers and other select employees are required to perform an electronic compliance verification for all business conduct (including applicable laws and regulations), anti-corruption and conflict of interest policies. We have a hotline for employees and external stakeholders to use to report policy violations confidentially and in their own language. No retaliatory action will be tolerated against anyone who comes forward to raise genuine concerns about possible violations.

Ball’s Corporate Compliance Program, supported by a Corporate Compliance Committee, was established to assist operating and staff organizations achieve compliance with all regulations. Key compliance issues involve employment practices; environmental protection; workplace safety; product quality; customer, supplier or government relations; use of confidential, proprietary, technical or business information; accurate reporting and record keeping; anti-competitive/unfair trade practices; foreign corrupt practices and anti-bribery avoidance; securities law compliance; export controls and trading restrictions; and other actions regulated by law or corporate policy.

The company has numerous other compliance and regulatory policies in place to ensure employees act in full accordance with appropriate laws and regulations such as child and forced labor, environmental, export and import compliance and foreign corrupt practices.

More information on Ball’s Corporate Governance, including the Business Ethics Code of Conduct, Board Committee charters and the Board of Directors Business Ethics Statement, can be found on our investors page.