How to Apply

Interested organizations must apply online. Please review our Funding Guidelines and FAQs to learn more about the kinds of programs we fund and our application process before applying. Please visit our grant application website to create an account or log in and begin the application process. The first step is a mandatory eligibility review. Organizations that meet the Foundation’s eligibility requirements will be permitted to register and complete the Foundation’s grant application.

The Fall Cycle grant submission deadline is May 21, 2021.


Generally organizations can expect a response 6-8 weeks following the application deadline. Please do not contact the Foundation for updates about the status of your proposal.

Requirements and Limitations

All requests for grants and/or charitable funding in the U.S. must be made through the Ball Foundation and should not be directed to Ball Corporation or any of its operating units, including Ball Aerospace.

All agencies or organizations whose applications are approved by the Foundation’s board of directors must sign a letter of agreement regarding the terms of the respective grant.

Agencies or organizations that receive Ball Foundation funds will be required to complete follow-up reporting so that the Foundation can evaluate program impact and benefits as well as ensure proper use of Foundation funds.

Organizations that have been denied funding by the Foundation must wait one year before being eligible to reapply for funding for the same program.

Organizations that are currently funded by the Foundation that wish to apply for additional funding for a new or different program must submit a separate application for each program.

Organizations that are currently being funded may apply for continuation of the program being funded (if applicable), but must follow all procedures implemented by the Foundation during the course of the program to be eligible to receive continuation funding.

Generally, a particular program or organization will not be funded for more than three consecutive years. After that time the organization must wait 12 months before reapplying.