Flavored Alcoholic Beverages

Flavored Alcoholic Beverages

As part of the low alcohol drink market segment, ready-to-drink cocktails are attracting many young consumers. Ready-to-drink cocktails are youth-oriented products, which makes packaging a key tool to help catch people’s eyes. Cans are gradually becoming a mainstream packaging solution for ready-to-drink cocktails and stylish new cans, such as slim cans and sleek cans, are available from Ball to help differentiate products and make them more attractive to consumers.

A better plan, a better can.

From the big picture to all the tiny moving parts, we treat every detail with the same level of importance. You have to when you manufacture more than 50 billion recyclable cans a year. When you walk into one of our manufacturing facilities, you’ll see that every stage of the manufacturing process is done with careful precision and with world leading manufacturing technology. These streamlined techniques start at stage one with the coil cutter and continue all the way through to the can’s end.

Specialty Cans

A can for every occasion.

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