As you might expect, developing the perfect package involves a great deal of science. What you may not know is that it takes an equal part art and creativity. 

With innovation at our core, we are always looking for sources of inspiration as we develop new sizes, shapes, graphics, capabilities and technologies to appeal to our ever-evolving customers and consumers. This inspiration can come from anywhere – a conversation, a color, a piece of artwork at a local gallery, a song…you name it.

At Ball, we turn innovation and inspiration into reality. Visit our product gallery for some examples that may inspire you!
  • Denver Beer Co

    Ball's Dynamark™ Encourages Exploration

    For its engaging “Explorer Challenge” promotion, Denver Beer Co. released two brews in Ball’s 12-ounce cans and utilized our Dynamark™ variable printing technology to mark cans with GPS coordinates.

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  • Cuvee Coffee's Black & Blue

    A Memorable Drinking Experience

    Cuvée's Black & Blue is packaged in Ball's innovative 375-milliliter cans that include a nitrogen widget in the can, which creates a soft, frothy head upon pouring.

  • Mama's Little Yella Pils

    The Royal Treatment

    Oskar Blues offers its popular Mama’s Little Yella Pils in Ball's Royal Pint (568-mL or 19.2-oz.) can, allowing consumers to take it places glass can't go.

  • Toaster Pastry

    Portability Meets Sustainability

    21st Amendment Brewery blazes its own trail putting its unique Toaster Pastry India Style Red Ale in Ball’s eye-catching 19.2-ounce cans.

  • Tramway Package

    Distinctive Look & Drinking Experience

    Philipsburg Brewing Company introduced its Tramway Rye Pale Ale in Ball’s reclosable Alumi-Tek® bottles, which stand out on retail shelves and offer fans a premium drinking experience.

  • Henkel's Fa

    Sustainable Aluminum Aerosol Packaging

    Utilizing Ball’s ReAl technology, Henkel 150- and 200-milliliter Fa cans are now the lightest commercially available cans on the market.

  • U Homme

    Standing Out with Matte & Gloss

    Ball Aerosol Packaging received the 2014 World Aluminium Aerosol Can Award from AEROBAL for a prototype "U Homme" deodorant can featuring Ball's state-of-the-art Matte & Gloss printing technology.

  • Talking Rain’s SPARKLING ICE®

    Smaller, More Convenient

    Talking Rain’s SPARKLING ICE® beverages launched in Ball’s 8-ounce slim cans, which make convenient 8-count fridge packs.

  • Green Sheep Water

    Separating from the Flock

    Instead of the usual plastic, glass or carton packaging, Green Sheep Water, “the bottled water with a green conscience,” launched in Ball’s infinitely recyclable, 16-ounce Alumi-Tek® aluminum bottles.

  • CannedWater4Kids

    Drinking Water - With A Purpose

    CannedWater4Kids is packaged in Ball’s infinitely recyclable 16-ounce Alumi-Tek® bottles & 12-ounce cans. $.95 of every dollar made funds sustainable drinking water projects and clean water education.

  • Ball's Eyeris

    High-res, photo-quality graphics

    Ball’s Eyeris® technique allows us to print using up to six colors on any of our aluminum beverage cans. Consumers notice and brands love the high-resolution, photo-quality scenery, logos and images.

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