Technical Punched Slugs

World Leader in Technical Punched Slugs

As the world leader in technical punched slug manufacturing, BAT partners with a diversity of Aluminium Alloysmanufacturers representing countless industries.  Our aluminum slugs are used worldwide in impact extrusion, as well as forging  and machining processes, for such diversified sectors as automotive, gas cylinders, aerosol cans and tubes, industrial packaging, electronics and more.  Technical punched slugs, compared to competing products, offer more precise weight and specification consistency and potential savings.  Our application engineers work closely with our clients’ technical teams to adapt our solutions for specific production challenges, to develop value-added aluminum slugs that are fully optimized for our clients’ manufacturing processes. Our quality management system rigorously monitors every step in production for hardness, chemical consistency, temperature control and dimensional accuracy.  Data is utilized to make real time adjustments to ensure high quality, consistent products.

  • Thickness from 4 to 39 mm
  • Diameter from 10 to 300 mm
  • Surface treatment: Shot blasted/tumbled
  • Shapes: Narrow or wide radius rectangles, large or narrow center holes, multiple radius, concave, pre-formed and irregular

A Sampling of Some of our Technical Punched Slugs

Rectangle: Narrow Radius

Rectangle: Wide Radius


Multiple Radius

Large Center Holes

Narrow Center Holes

Irregular Shapes



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