Thermo Effect

Keep it Cool

Ball’s Thermo Effect technology makes beverage cans as changeable as a chameleon. Based on the temperature your brand designates, the color of the can changes to alert consumers their beverage has reached its optimal temperature.

Temperature-sensitive pigments in the printing ink make the can a communicative experience, bringing the brand to life.

Now you know when the beer is ready to drink.

Discover the interactive can that indicates when your beverage is the perfect temperature to drink.

Product Benefits

  • Color change indicates that the drink is chilled to a defined temperature
  • Packaging can reveal messages when the can is cold enough
  • Your brand communicates with the consumer

Consumers think...

“Now you know when the beer's ready to drink – there’s nothing worse than warm beer.”
“It’s just fun to read the words appearing as the can is cold enough.”

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: aluminum and steel
  • Size: all sizes available
  • Design must be approved
  • Filling line, trials for handling-related abrasion recommended
  • Colors: from white to blue

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