Matte Effect

A Delight for All the Senses.

Matte Effect gives cans an exclusive look and feel. The beverage is positioned as premium product and the brand is spotlighted on the retail shelf.

Place your brand in the spotlight.

Watch the video to discover how Matte Effect makes a difference and helps your product stand out from the crowd at the point of sale.

Product Benefits

  • Outstanding look and feel for premium appeal
  • More interaction with the packaging as the consumer notices the unusual surface
  • Differentiation at the point of sale

Consumers think...

“Laptops, Smartphones, even cars – matte effect is trend.”
“Ideal for red-carpet events. It's more than fashionable – my new fashion week is 7 cans.”
“A delight for all the senses.”

Technical Specifications

  • Materials: aluminum
  • Size: all sizes available
  • Filling line, tests for handling-related abrasion recommended

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