Dynamark™ Variable Printing

Stand out on-shelf with Dynamark™.

Your package is your most important billboard, and thanks to Ball’s new breakthrough printing capabilities, you can create more exciting promotions than ever before. Dynamark™ Variable Printing Technology allows brands to add graphic variety to their cans without introducing the expensive and time-consuming, operational challenges of the past. Have the ability to add up to 12 different graphics to your print run at a reasonable cost. Use it to launch social engagement campaigns, to print limited time promotions, increase brand loyalty and sales. This new innovation from Ball has been years in the making, and we’re excited to finally make it available to you.

“Is my idea right for variable printing?"

There are certain specifications and limitations with Dynamark™ Technology. That’s why at Ball we partner with you to ensure you launch your graphics in the most strategic way possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you get started:
  • Dynamark™ is available in all Ball can sizes including Alumni-Tek®.
  • 8-24 different images are possible with the current technology, depending on plant/can line location.
  • All Dynamark™ graphics will be evaluated by Ball Graphics to determine if a pilot is necessary before commercial production.
  • The variable graphic will be the background color of the can or a selected link.

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