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Tap into more sales with Nitro in a can

From coffee beverages enhanced by a soft, creamy frothiness, to craft beers with head only found on Nitro taps, Ball’s new Widget Can elevates the authenticity of your beverages. As soon as the can is opened, the widget goes to work with a fresh-sounding hiss. When poured into a glass, the smooth foam we associate with Nitro taps comes cascading out.

Frothy Fun with The Widget Can

Draft nitro experience on the go! From the sound of the widget activating to the frothy cascades of bubbles, Ball's widget can gives consumers a unique creamy and smooth drinking experience that can't be matched anywhere.

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    The Widget Can
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    Stumptown Cold Brew Nitro Can

Nitro Can: How does it all work?

  1. Plastic insert is attached to bottom of the can by Ball before it’s delivered to you.
  2. Widget is charged with Nitrogen during the filling process.
  3. Pressure drop at time of opening discharges Nitrogen into the can creating a unique mouth feel and head of foam.
  4. Consumer enjoys.
To learn how we fill the Nitro can in 7 easy steps, click here.

Consumers agree, Nitro is Awesome!

Over 95 percent of beer drinkers, enjoy beers on Nitro. Thanks to Ball’s new Widget Can, this experience is available beyond the bar stool. With the Widget Can, a plastic insert is placed at the bottom of the can and is charged with Nitrogen before filling. When the can is opened, the pressure drop discharges Nitrogen to give the beer that unique head found only from Nitro taps. It’s the perfect can for a craft brewer looking to package an authentic, malt forward beer like a stout or porter.

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