Benefits of a can with the convenience of a resealable closure

24oz Cap Can® 

Cap Can® offers a premium and highly differentiated alternative to other resealable pack formats with potential application in both existing and emerging beverage segments – for example, our 24oz Cap Can® is approved for use with beer, energy, hard cider FAB (flavored alcoholic beverage), sparkling water, tea and CSD.

Ball offers a range of support mechanisms to get Cap Can® to market for customers:
  • Co-packer liaison
  • Assistance in procuring mockup models for brand development and focus tests
  • Product test packs for flavour testing and consumer tests
  • Technical support in line layout, equipment, and start-up qualification
  • Small run quantities for market tests

A better plan, a better can.

From the big picture to all the tiny moving parts, we treat every detail with the same level of importance. You have to when you manufacture over 50 billion recyclable cans a year. When you walk into one of our manufacturing facilities, you’ll see that every stage of the manufacturing process is done with careful precision and with world leading manufacturing technology. These streamlined techniques start at stage one with the coil cutter and continue all the way through to the can’s end.

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