Rotating 360° Can
360° brings a new dimension to aluminum aerosol can contouring, using a process that allows custom shaping, symmetrically or asymmetrically.  The true pinnacle of the 360° technique is found where graphics and embossing intersect.  Artwork oriented to the recessed area complements the shaping and allows for dynamic detail.  Varied shaping is available around the full circumference of the can, and the recessed area is dual-purpose, offering both visual engagement and the ability to provide ergonomic grip. Additionally, proprietary shaping wards off counterfeiting.  Ball has also developed stock ideas that can be enhanced when oriented with custom graphics to give your product serious shelf pop.

You know your product best, we know metal packaging best. Let’s work together to create a striking, infinitely recyclable product that owns the shelf. Download the 360° product sheet

360° Samples

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