Media Kit


If we want to increase Real Recycling, we have to start challenging the way we think about recycling. Challenging the way we think about recycling means starting at the earliest stages of product design.

At Ball, we’re developing cutting-edge products, from the versatile Alumi-Tek® bottle, which allows consumers to open and re-close their drinks, to our new infinitely recyclable aluminum cup, a game-changer for the industry as consumer demand for sustainable packaging grows.

But it goes beyond products. To boost Real Recycling, we also need better tools to measure how easily materials can be recycled and how often products are actually recycled.

How does the complete lifecycle of a can compare to other packaging options? 

To help understand how we can better measure Real Recycling, Ball worked with an outside panel of experts on a first-of-its-kind comparative life-cycle analysis (LCA) report, which challenges the traditional ways beverage packaging sustainability has been measured.

Importantly, this LCA tool broadens the perspective beyond just carbon footprint to bring into focus the Real Recycling potential for a range of popular packaging materials, helping our customers make more informed product design choices.