Building Sustainable Communities

We are Dedicated to Building Sustainable Communities

Ball has a long history of promoting positive change in the communities where we live and work. Thanks to the passion of our people and the philanthropic resources the organization provides, we create measurable and lasting impacts in our communities.
Sustainability is a foundational component to the way we conduct our business. It is not just a prominent feature of our infinitely recyclable products. We believe social sustainability is heavily influenced by the strength of our community relationships, the extent of our partner networks and the impact we create around the world.
To amplify our presence in the community, we focus our efforts in areas of recycling, disaster preparedness and relief, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Ball employees frequently roll up their sleeves and open their hearts to support our communities in a way that helps sustain both nonprofit causes and our organization. The following highlights showcase some of the great work we do within our community focus areas.
RECYCLING: Our annual Recycling Can Challenge activates our global employee population and enables them to educate their communities about the benefits of recycling, while increasing recycling rates in those regions. We advocate for tossing every aluminum can, bottle or cup into the recycling bin, because that means fewer items entering landfills and our environment. This year alone, we recycled 70,000 pounds of aluminum through the program.
DISASTER PREPAREDNESS AND RELEIF: We partner with the American Red Cross and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support the work of disaster responders across the globe. Ball provides funding ahead of disasters, making aid readily available to assist those in need during times of crisis. In addition to monetary funding, we work closely with several partners to provide canned water to disaster stricken areas.
STEM EDUCATION: We pride ourselves on our innovation, which is why we invest in current and future talent. Science, technology, engineering and math are the building blocks for the products we deliver to customers and our future workforce depends on students being well positioned to enter these fields. Along with many outreach initiatives, Ball proudly hosts several mentorship programs that focus on engineering and business talents. The mentorship programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn from our employees and round out their knowledge base.


Through the Ball Foundation, corporate giving, employee giving and volunteerism, we invest in the future of the communities that sustain us.