Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

At Ball, our continued long-term success depends on our ability to embrace diversity and to provide an inclusive environment where employees can thrive. Diversity among individuals and teams helps to unleash ideas and fuel innovation, which drives growth and value throughout our global organization.
John Hayes CEO
“We’re making visible, smart and meaningful investments to increase awareness and bring about change."
"Our ability to make real progress with diversity and inclusion matters because it will have a positive impact on our company’s success.  With different perspectives come different solutions to help our customers win in the marketplace.  We will drive growth and economic value through our deliberate and intentional efforts to create a more diverse workforce and inclusive culture.”
- John A. Hayes, Chairman, President & CEO

Why is Diversity and Inclusion So Important for Ball?

Essential to Our Long-Term Success 
Ball’s Drive for 10 mindset calls for us to continually strive for perfection. A key factor in our focus on our people and culture, diversity and inclusion is an area in which we must excel to be successful over the long term.

A wider variety of people deliver the widest variety of ideas
To benefit from a greater diversity of thought, our definition of diversity is broad and includes a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives.

An Embracing Culture 
During our long history, we’ve learned that integrity, energy, experience and ideas come in many packages – and we welcome them all.

A stronger global company
As we continue to expand around the world and get closer to global customers and stakeholders, employees with a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and perspectives give us a competitive advantage.

As One Ball, we all benefit from inclusion and diversity.
Because we are One Ball, our differences and similarities are directed toward the same Drive for 10 vision and our success is a shared one.
“Our goal is to make Ball a place where ALL employees feel welcome, valued and encouraged to contribute their unique skills, ideas and voice to the company’s success, as part of ONE Ball."

"As a growing, global enterprise, Ball must increase its efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive culture since—given global demographic shifts and the war for top talent—finding the right people with the right skills is a business imperative. We are pleased with the progress that we’re making and, while we realize that we have more work to do, we’re committed to making real, meaningful changes.”
- Charles Johnson, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

Charles Johnson


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