The average recycling rate for aluminum beverage cans was 76.1% (2018). 
Recycling_Rate_EU_2018.jpegBall manages or supports several projects and organizations that will contribute to this ambitious goal:
  • Every Can Counts (ECC) is working to encourage people to recycle beverage cans they use when they are away from home—for example, at work and other “on the go” locations. ECC campaigns associate fun activities with can recycling to interact with consumers, festivals goers and the ones who enjoy life in public spaces and want to make that extra sorting effort to save energy and valuable materials. Originally developed in the U.K. to target the approximately 30% of drinks cans used outside the home, ECC has successfully established itself as the umbrella brand for promoting beverage can recycling away from home, with programs running in 14 countries by early 2019. Exemplary success stories from 2019 include:
    • In the UK in 2019, ECC had a presence at more than 30 music festivals and sporting occasions attended by more than one million people, allowing representatives to talk directly to approximately 10,000 people about recycling.
    • In Montenegro, ECC has been working on promotion and educational initiatives with Ozone, a local non-governmental organization, and in Austria a virtual reality game has helped to convey important recycling messages to young people, including at beach volleyball and MotoGP events.
    • At the 2019 Red Bull Moto Grand Prix event in Milan, Italy, watched by 158,300 spectators, around 15,000 people visited the ECC exhibition, with 30,000 cans recycled over the three days.
    • ECC was also present at five major music festivals in the region of Galicia in Spain during 2019, working with the beer company Estrella Galicia, which sponsored each event, to promote recycling to 200,000 festival goers.  
  • MetalMatters is the largest industry-funded recycling campaign in the U.K., and helps local authorities educate residents about the value and benefits of metal packaging recycling, motivating them to get involved and recycle more at home. While 97% of municipalities provide curbside metal collection, only about 40% of the available metal was captured. Ball and its partners initiated a project to better understand why participation lagged. The findings were surprising—people wanted reassurance that their recycling efforts really made a difference. To alleviate those engagement barriers, Ball and its partners crafted an innovative communication campaign. To learn more about MetalMatters, view this video.
  • Ball established two foundations focused on environmental education and both celebrated their jubilees in 2015. The RECAL Foundation in Poland celebrated its 20th and the recan fund in Serbia its 10th anniversary. At festive conferences attended by Ball’s customers, suppliers, government representatives and other stakeholders, attendees looked back at past successes and plans for the future to further increase recycling rates of metal packaging in these countries. Both organizations expanded their outreach in 2015. RECAL held more than 1,000 recycling workshops for children and youth, among various other programs, with 38,000 participants. The recan fund also continued its consumer-oriented campaigns, including the Recycling Theatre, Can-by-Can and its support of the Belgrade Beer Festival. In 10 years, recan collected 3.5 million cans, reached 2.5 million people and educated 20,000 children and youths about the environmental benefits of can recycling.