Raise a can to the next generation of wine drinkers.

Wine isn’t just for special occasions anymore. Today’s modern consumers see wine as a fun, casual experience, suitable for a relaxing day at the beach or an afternoon on the golf course. Cans are single serve, portable, light-proof, and they bring an unassuming quality to your wine brand. So go uncorked, and choose the can.

Quality cans for your wine.

Our cans protect the quality of your wine and guarantee a long shelf-life for your product.

Product Benefits
  • Single-serve and convenient
  • Gives your wine the best protection – air-tight, unbreakable, light-proof
  • Looks cool and appeals to a new generation of wine drinkers
  • Ideal for wine that is best served chilled
  • Enhanced design flexibility
  • Wine test and filler audit conducted by Ball


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