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No other sector has seen such rapid growth as the market for functional drinks. Increasing numbers of consumers are consciously turning to healthier beverage alternatives that address a range of themes from beauty to cognitive enhancements. Brands are responding by introducing functional beverages featuring vitamins, minerals and extracts that cater to body-conscious consumers.

Ready-to drink (RTD) teas have, in particular, been a forerunner in the functional drinks sector. Both long established brands, as well as new-comers to the market, have found success in focusing their research on developing the 'better-for-me' drinks options. The race to be the first to the table with new and out-of-the-box ingredients will keep this category robust.

On-shelf differention is key to gaining consumer attention with the variety of options coming to market. Compelling on-can graphics featuring solutions such as Ball's embossed or tactile finishes can effectively allow brands to visually communicate the functional proposition of their product.

Package sizing is an equally important component, as consumers are both seeking healthier beverage options and choosing slimmed down formats to aid in portion control. Ball's sleek and slim cans appropriately respond, sending a message to the calorie-conscious that the brands they patronize understand their lifestyle needs.

Enhance the Drinking Experience with Strawster

Features and Benefits:
  • Unique and Fun – The Strawster magically pops up when the tab is pulled
  • Modernizes the can – Introduces new target groups to the can and the category
  • Easy to use – Pull the Strawster to lock it in after opening
  • Safe – Strawster opening is small preventing spiking and objects from getting into your drink
  • Convenient – Lipstick stays intact

Preference for Strawster has been backed by market research:
  • 80% of women polled would purchase certain drinks if they were available with Strawster
Ideal for women and trendsetters

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