Carbonated Soft Drinks

The Ultimate Thirst Quencher.

Cans are the ideal container for non-alcoholic beverages - especially those that come with a little bit of fizz. The soft drinks industry has found much success offering its product in cans due to the higher acidity levels and pressurized nature of the drink - factors that make the can's airtight nature the perfect package. The facts are this - carbon dioxide is shown to be less permeable to metal when compared to other types of materials. This translates to a higher concentration of gas in the can over time, treating its consumer to a much 'fizzier' drinks experience. In addition to its nonporous surface, the lightproof nature of the beverage can is a plus for brands producing specialty drinks with uncommon ingredients, as it offers protection so product freshness is guaranteed with every sip.

Whether known in your region as fizzy drinks, soft drinks, pop or lolly water, the wide range of can sizes that Ball offers provides brands an exciting series of options to showcase their beverages, and a handy package for consumers to quench their thirst time and time again.

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